Boat and Ship Safety Expert Witness and Reports


We provide marina/wharf/small boat and shipping expert opinion reports and expert witnesses. Our services deliver Australia’s leading independent maritime expert opinions and expert reports. Through detailed inspections, and analysis, our expert reports gives your Law firm, business, the individual, Australian and overseas Government agencies the expert they need. Our Expert Reports have assisted clients in;

  • Marina and Wharf Industry Standards and Compliance Reports
  • Boat Injury – Safety Compliance Expert Reports
  • Vessel Seaworthiness – Compliance and Industry Standards Expert Reports
  • Passenger Safety and Industry Standard Compliance Expert Reports
  • Seamanship – Industry standards and Compliance Expert Witness Reports
  • Boating Accident Expert Reports
  • Cruise ship Safety and Compliance Expert Reports
  • Vessel Operations and Safety Management Compliance Experts
  • Maritime Work Safety Compliance and Injury Expert Witness and Reports 
  • Cruise ship passenger Injuries Expert Witnesses
  • Occupational Health and Safety – Maritime Expert Reports
  • Marina and Wharf Expert Opinion Reports
  • Maritime Injury and Vessel Damage Expert Reports
  • Australian Marine Legislation and Regulatory Compliance
  • Marine Safety Expert Witness and Opinion Reports
  • Maritime Death and Inquests
  • Marine Expert Opinion Reports
  • Vessel and Port Damages Expert Witness and Reports 
  • Port and Maritime Infrastructure Expert Safety Reports
  • Vessel Collision and Close Quarter Expert Reports
  • Marine/Port and vessel related injury Expert Reports
  • Vessel component and integrity Expert Witnesses
  • Vessel Fire Investigation Experts
  • Marine Engineering Expert Opinion Reports
  • Ferry/Rescue Vessels and Passenger Safety Expert Reports
  • Maritime Industrial Injury Safety Expert Reports
  • Maritime Navigational Safety Expert Reports

Root Causes and Factors  

Courts must be presented with the evidence to determine the root cause and factors of an accident. This requires our team to have the knowledge and experience to present your case in the face of cross-examination and scrutiny. Our years of delivering expert opinion services give us the objectivity required for the courtroom, and the ability to face difficult cross-examination.

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Complexity of Marine Concepts 

Ultimately we are able to convey complex and technical concepts in a simplified manner that’s easy for the layperson to understand. This requires the communication skills essential in working with courtroom jurors and judges. These are skills that can only come from years of experience in a variety of courtroom settings.Intellectual property disputes have also benefited, underscoring the wide range of applications of our services. Our  expertise has been successfully used in a wide range of cases – see our case studies.