Damaged Cargo Survey

Maritime Consultants Australia Ship Tail Shaft installation and marine engineering project

Australia’s leading experts in Marine Cargo and Mechanical Engineering.

No matter where your cargo consignment is in Australia, we have the capability. We assess it and provide expert reports on all damaged cargo throughout Australia. Our reports cover both nature and causes.


Whether it is containerised cargo, bulk goods, OOG, Reefer or Roll On Roll Off (RO-RO).  If its imported into Australia and damaged we are the Experts.  Call us for a free quotation.



We are Australia’s Marine Cargo Damage and Claim specialists covering all Australian States and Territories.


We are also specialised in Forensic Marine Engineering/Mining and are experienced forensic engineering practitioners in the fields of international ship engineering failures – Cranes/Hull/Machinery.


With the combination of forensic engineering expertise in Marine Surveying, we are able to offer specialised and comprehensive Forensic Marine Engineering services. Marine engineers, cargo surveyors maritime loss and damage and container freight.