Occupational Marine Injury Experts

We have the most extensive experience and knowledge base in Australia in the areas of Navigational Safety, Statutory Maritime Legislation, Safety Management, Marine Rules, Regulations, Codes, Standards and Guidelines in Australia and Internationally. 

Australia’s leading Law Firms have retained our services for 20 years in the development and litigation of cases in Admiralty, Federal and State Courts, Small Claims Tribunal, Arbitration and Mediation procedures regarding Ship, Commercial, Domestic and Recreational vessels


We have the experience to deal with all vessel construction, warranty issues, personal injury and safety at sea. We provide technical reviews of cases at hand; surveying vessels and reviewing technical data relative to the complaint. 


Whether you represent the vessel owners, passengers, yacht manufacturer, or vessel operators you will find our experience, professionalism, technical knowledge, and objective analysis invaluable in the preparation and execution of your case. 

VESSEL SAFETY CODES AND COMPLIANCE Ships operate under marine transportation legislation and regulations, so codes and compliances from each of these areas must be adhered to for the purposes of safety, the violation of which may result in numerous problems for tourists and employees, as well as potential lawsuits.