Marine Engineering and Safety Expert Litigation Case Studies News

Sydney Law Firm instructs our team of Maritime Experts and Engineers investigate Ship Fire in South Australia  location and source of ignition due to friction; developed between the engaged a main drive pulley and the static or restricted boom conveyor belt.

Leading Perth Legal Firm instructs our Maritime Experts and Engineers Main Engine Failure in Western Australia. Main Engine was then stripped and damaged components set aside. Found that the oil purification filters installed were inadequate and not to OEM specification.

Seattle USA Law firm instructs our Maritime Experts and Engineers investigate Passenger [Serious personal Injuries] Indian Ocean – The subject vessel owners and operators were aware of the systemic risks and failed to follow the ISM Code, IMO guidelines and precautions that are consistent with the ordinary practice of good seamanship; in that they failed to control the risks to acceptable levels or eliminate the risk.

Adelaide Legal Practice instructs Maritime Experts and Engineers  – offshore Crane Failure – 70 Tonne – This failure related to a single, man jib cylinder. The system and equipment is configured to permit operation of either the main Jib cylinders or alternatively the knuckle jib cylinders.

Leading Law Firm in Melbourne instructs our Maritime Experts and Engineers Ship Propeller Failure Darwin – Corrosion indicated that coatings should have be applied at intervals to prevent bottom pitting corrosion that can occur in sour, foul water and/or highly corrosive environments.