Marine Safety Expert Witness

Marine Safety and Engineering Experts.

WE ARE the leading international marine consultancy in Australia. A firm of Marine experts, we offer a comprehensive range of marine experts in boat and ship collisions, surveying, safety, personal injury, expert witness and consultancy services through our team.


WE HAVE brought years of marine  experience to the company over 20 years.  We have grown and adapted to meet the challenges of today’s demanding maritime industry.


WE PROVIDE EXPERTS to clients on a wide range of marine issues, whether it is attendance at a casualty, personal injury and expert witnesses, boat and ship safety experts and report, mechanical engineering, technical investigation and as expert witnesses in court & arbitration proceedings, or consultancy, surveys and audits.

  • Marine Safety and Investigation Experts Witnesses and Reports,
  • Boat and Ship injury Technical Experts Witnesses and Reports,
  • Boat and Ship Collision – Expert Witnesses and Reports
  • Passenger Cruise ship and Ferry – injury Experts and Reports
  • Marine Engineering Expert and [Seaworthiness] Safety Reports
  • Marina/Wharf compliance Design and Standards – Experts Reports
  • Boat and Domestic Vessel Injury Expert Witness and Reports,
  • Boat and Ship Fire and Explosions Investigation

Australia’s Expert Witness and Marine Safety Firm in;

  • Marina/Wharf Industry Standard Compliance and Safety Expert Reports
  • Passenger Safety and Injury – Safety Compliance Expert Reports
  • Boat/Ship – Injury Safety Management Compliance Experts and Reports
  • Small Boat/Ferry/Ship vessels [Collisions/Fire/Navigation/Safety Management]Expert Reports
  • Passenger Cruise ship Injuries Expert Reports
  • Marine Engineering Compliance and Industry Standards Expert Reports
  • Marina and Vessel [Safety Management] Compliance Expert Reports
  • Seamanship and Vessel Operations – Marine Safety Standards and Compliance Expert Reports
  • Maritime Rules/Regulations – Standards and Safety Guideline Expert Reports
  • Boat/Shipping/Ferry Accident Expert Reports
  • Passenger Safety Standards Expert Witness and Expert Reports 
  • Vessel [Seaworthiness] – Safety Standards and Compliance Expert Reports

Maritime Consultants Australia Pty Ltd provide the resources to the key expert, independent, reliable and accurate technical information that allows you to make better and more informed business decisions