Maritime Training


COURSE : Marine Engineering for Non Marine Engineers and professionals. An Introduction to (Marine Engineering principles and design). 

  • Be able to critically assess marine engineering schematics, drawings and design
  • In a team environment exchange ideas and theories as to factual mechanical and structural failures.
  • Provide – deliver technical mechanical and structural diagnoses of failures after thorough examinations of the engineering design, documentary material, physical and photographic evidence
  • Be able to technically evaluate and provide ‘evidence based’ conclusions when encountering marine engineering failures
  • Learn the lessons from past failures from around the world associated with failures in the maritime industry. Learn about; Marine Machinery arrangement and installations
    • How to deal with OEM failures
    • Seals
    • Propulsion systems
    • Propellers and Rotational Pumps and equipment
    • Diesel Engines
    • Liner Lacquering
    • Piston damages and rings
    • Damage from unusual sources
    • Effects of poor Lubrication
    • Internal failures and wear down fatigue management
    • What can you learn from the external appearance of failures?

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Marine Engineering – Basic to Intermediate.

  1. Marine Engineering for Non Marine Engineers and professionals – An Introduction to M.Engineering – (basics principles and design)
  2. Internal combustion, diesel engines, pumps, propulsion and the operation of 2 stoke and 4 stroke engines in the maritime industry
  3. Technical and effective report writing in the Maritime, Offshore, Oil/Gas and Port Infrastructure Industry.
  4. Marine Engineering for the Marine Insurance Industry and Underwriters

Marine Engineering – Advanced Levels.

  1. Advanced Marine Surveying, Offshore Vessel Inspections and Loss Assessing and claims.
  2. Advanced PORT STATE CONTROL PSC -Vessel Auditing including PMA, IMO and Flag state controls.
  3. Advanced Marine Cargo Master Class, Insurance, Surveys and Engineering
  4. Advanced Master Class – Ship Main and Aux Engine, propulsion, maintenance, reliability and condition monitoring.
  5. Advanced Machinery and Marine engineering Failures, Prevention and Analysis
  6. Advanced Marine Engineering – Critical maintenance, ship engine reliability, ship construction and engineering.
  7. Advanced Cargo Freight Handling – Damaged Goods , Stuffing and Inspections

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Directors, Presidents, VPs, Managers, Senior Managers, Engineers and Practitioners of:

  • Civil Construction operators
  • LNG Bunker Construction and
  • Operators- Ship Owners and Managers
  • Offshore Vessel and FPSO Owners and Operators
  • Oil Majors, NOCs and Independents
  • Ship Superintendents and Safety Officers
  • Ship Officers and Crews (Master, Chief Officers, Chief Engineers)
  • Bunkering industry Personnel including Loading and Mooring Masters
  • STS Service Providers
  • Liquid Cargo and Bunker Surveyors
  • Ports and Terminal Operators
  • P&I Inspectors and Executives
  • LNG FSU Owners, Managers, Operators
  • Company Assurance Managers and Superintendents
  • LNG Investors
  • Cruise Ship Class and Foreign Going Safety Officers
  • Break Bulk Cargo/Cruise Ship and Bulk Carrier firms
  • Port Authorities  – CEO’s/ Superintendants/Health and Safety Professionals
  • Maritime Industry professionals CEO/M.D’s
  • Police Authorities
  • Maritime O.H& S personnel
  • Maritime Law Specialists and firms.
  • Freight Forwarders Cargo – Marine
  • All Cargo and Insurance Brokers
  • Fleet Supervisors
  • Forensic Engineers and Investigators
  • Port and Ship Maritime Critical/Major Incident Controllers and Management
  • Marine Claims managers
  • Containerised freight and logistics providers
  • Professional Marine Investigators and consultants
  • Maritime Emergency Response
  • Environmental Protection Agencies – Marine Environmental Investigators/Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • LNG Government agencies and Port State Control
  • Ship/all commercial vessel Insurers and underwriters
  • Ship Superintendent’s
  • Insurers and Underwriters
  • Ship/barges/tug Owners
  • On Board Chief Engineers and Captains/Pilots – personnel
  • Maritime Safety Government Agencies – Cargo underwriters