Vessel Passenger Injury Safety Expert Reports

Our technical team have 20 years experience in the provision of expert witness reports and testimony for use in dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation and courts in Australia

Through detailed inspections, and analysis, our maritime expert reports provides your Law firm, business, the individual, Australian and overseas Government agencies the experts they need.  Our Expert Reports have assisted defendants and Plaintiffs and our focus is only in the Marine Sector.

Marina/Wharf Industry Standard Compliance and Safety Expert Reports
Passenger Safety and Injury – Safety Compliance Expert Reports
Boat/Ship – Injury Safety Management Compliance Experts and Reports
Small Boat/Ferry/Ship vessels [Collisions/Fire/Navigation/Safety Management]Expert Reports
Passenger Cruise ship Injuries Expert Reports
Marine Engineering Compliance and Industry Standards Expert Reports
Marina and Vessel [Safety Management] Compliance Expert Reports
Seamanship and Vessel Operations – Marine Safety Standards and Compliance Expert Reports
Maritime Rules/Regulations – Standards and Safety Guideline Expert Reports
Boat/Shipping/Ferry Accident Expert Reports
Passenger Safety Standards Expert Witness and Expert Reports
Vessel [Seaworthiness] – Safety Standards and Compliance Expert Reports